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5 Reasons I am pretty sure tomorrow is going to be one for the record books…

1. Tomorrow at 3:00, we find out if we are having a baby boy or baby girl!!

Take the anticipation you feel the night before Christmas/Your Wedding/And the Opening Day of College football…roll it all up into a bundle of enthusiasm….and that doesn’t even come close to capturing how excited we are to find out about our nugget!

But that isn’t all.
It seems as if the universe has aligned to bring me what can only be described as my DREAM DAY:

2. Thursday morning is Take your Child to Work Day!  I have been looking forward to bringing my someday-child to work with me since my dad first brought me into the office with him when I was just a little squirt and gave me free-reign over the copy machine.  

3. Top Chef Contestant/ Sous Chef at Moto is coming to the office tomorrow afternoon to do a Cooking Demo: How to make Ice Cream with Liquid Nitrogen!
I met Chef Richie Farina at the Zagat Party a few weeks ago and asked him to come in to do a talk at my office….  

Just like that, we had a demo on the books!

(Worth Noting:  How cool is it that I work for a company that gives me free reign to do things like invite chefs/reality stars to come in and make us dessert just because!)

4. Simon & I were invited to the Habberdash Look Book release party featuring chefs from around Chicago.  Sometimes attend these fashion/food things that are way fancier than we are…but who am i to turn down a night with great chefs in even nicer threads!

5.  My p’s will be out of town, so there will be no big gender reveal party on Thursday night, instead Simon & I are going to take advantage of having a babysitter and have our own little celebration in our favorite corner of the city…

you know where I’m talking about, The Office
(not my office, THE office)

Instead of sipping Tequila cocktails in the speakeasy, we will be ordering their legendary Ice Cream Sundae for two

Chocolate or Caramel…
Boy or Girl…
It is bound to be a day and night we won’t soon forget.

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  1. asitypethis said: This sounds like an awesome day!! I have a feeling that H2 is going to be a girl. : )
  2. pinkseersucker said: YAY
  3. profashional said: fun! your thursday sounds pretty great. can’t wait to hear if h2 is a he or a she!