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Help Needed: Brussels Sprout Edition

It has been well documented that I am a crap cook,
But I am aiming for “wife of the day,” so I figured I would try to make dinner tonight. 

I am thinking brussels sprouts could be good as a side.
So folks, who has a recipe for healthy & tasty brussels sprouts that is easy enough for me to pull off?

This seems like something you guys will totally have an answer for….
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  1. pretendingtoadult said: Halve and Bake after tossing in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper at 400 till crispy… 20-25 min
  2. allisonfoley said: This is our standard: 101cookbooks.com/archive… we make it with gruyere…
  3. sunnycat said: Roasted with bacon or pancetta. Yum.
  4. fromblahnikstoabudget said: I slice mine and roast them in the oven with salt and pepper and the sprinkle on some parmesean cheese before serving. Delicious!
  5. thirdcoastclassic said: Clean them, cut them in half long-ways and put them in a single layer on a cookie sheet (with sides is best, unless you’re really coordinated and can flip them without them landing all over your oven). Drizzle with olive oil (a couple tablespoons, max - not too greasy, but…
  6. abiglittlelife said: I usually just cut them in half, toss them in olive oil and salt and pepper, and cook them in a skillet over med high heat. On super special days, I add some pancetta too.
  7. bohemian-riche said: Chop up bacon/turkey bacon and apples along with the halved Brussels sprouts, drizzle olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. I like a little Thyme too. 375 degrees for 30+ minutes = perfection.
  8. theengineerswife said: Roast them. Just coat with oil, salt and pepper, and roast at 375F(ish) for 30 minutes. Honestly, SO delicious!
  9. tallgirltales said: i like them simply roasted—cut in half, put on a baking sheet (with aluminum foil). spray pam, sprinkle salt/pepper/garlic powder, cook for 30 min at 400 degrees. i flip them halfway through with a spatula. i like them a little crispy. easy as pie!
  10. texturism said: 2 simples for ya: 101cookbooks.com/archive… or 101cookbooks.com/archive…
  11. profashional said: cut in half, salt, pepper, olive oil, roast cut side down at 400 until brown and crispy (25-30 min), drizzle with truffle oil and grated parm.
  12. thisiswhereisayitall said: brussels cut in half in a roasting pan, a little olive oil, some garlic salt and peppe — then sprinkle with pine nuts and drizzle with maple syrup. bake at 400 for about a half hour or until they start to brown (best part!) stir occassionally! yum!
  13. siximpossiblethingsforbreakfast said: Blacken them in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper, a balsamic drizzle and prosciutto pieces. Done.
  14. bthnyktz said: Roast them with purple grape halves and walnuts… Little oil and salt and pepper on the spouts
  15. imaprincesssowhat said: Olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast in the oven until the leaves on the outside are crispy. So delicious!! Bon Appetit’s November issue had a recipe that added bacon and a little dill pickle juice- sounds weird but it was AMAZING!!
  16. cupofchi said: Roast ‘em!
  17. annamannix said: These ones on a cup of jo look amazeballs. joannagoddard.blogspot….
  18. thecooknook said: my brussel sprouts typically involve pancetta which I think negates the healthfulness of them. but it’s very tasty.
  19. emilyposts said: cover in olive oil, salt and pepper. put in over at 400 for 40 minutes. easy and tasty!
  20. maggiejeanne said: eatliverun.com/caramel… A tiny bit of sugar beats gallons of cheese.
  21. vneckandacardigan said: i love just peeling the top layer, cutting in half, drizzle with olive oil and sea salt and roasting in the oven. or you can use a mandolin and make a shaved brussels sprouts salad
  22. asitypethis said: cut them in half & toss them in EVOO, S&P & lemon juice. roast them in the oven at 350 for 30 mins. (add kale & you’ll have an amazing warm salad! )
  23. my-little-kumquat said: roast them in the oven tossed with some good olive oil and s+p
  24. thelandofla said: saute in pan with tbspn olive oil, coase salt, pepper, a couple dashes of lemon juice. After a few mins, Throw in some kalamata olives and cherry tomatoes. Toss a few times until somewhat browned.
  25. ooola-la said: Roasted brussels sprouts are simple perfection: Ina’s recipe foodnetwork.com/recipes…
  26. krisisisipoo said: All you need to bring out the (super superb) flavor in Brussels sprouts is a splash of olive oil and a few hearty splashes of balsamic vinegar. Bake for 25-35 minutes, bam. Done. SO GOOD, and healthy to boot!
  27. freckledog said: Any of the recipes already posted will be delicious. But what you must, MUST do is make sure they are roasted long enough to be fully crispy! They should be nice and dark all over. It’s all about texture and mush is a no-go for the brussies!
  28. msmishegas said: wholeliving.com/150865/…
  29. tiredandinspird said: guaranteed brussel sprout awesomeness. and super easy! tiredandinspired.com/se…
  30. elizabethanne said: oven on 400degress. halve the sprout. mix with olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper. cook for 25 minutes. top with grated parm cheese
  31. champagnetoasts said: cut side down, saute in evoo 4 minutes per side (until browned). salt, pepper, throw in a minced onion for good measure. so delicious!
  32. heelsandhardhat said: oven on 400degress. mix with olive oil, salt and pepper. cook for 25 minutes. then i like to mix them with a little gorgonzola and bacon bits :) it is to die for!
  33. girlwithcurlsandglasses said: i boil them a little to soften them (until they turn bright green) and then roast them in the oven with chunks of garlic, pepper and a tiny bit of salt. i use the tiniest amount of olive oil
  34. girlwearsmascara said: i like em just oven roasted with some olive oil, balsamic, and s&p.
  35. serendipityandtoday said: We made this, this weekend and it was fab! Put some fresh parmesean on it too.. delish and easy! foodnetwork.com/recipes…
  36. lushush said: google ‘shredded brussel sprouts with walnuts and pecorino’ - to die for.
  37. littlelaur said: just throw them in a pan on the stovetop with lemon juice + olive oil. super simple & absolutely delicious! :)
  38. or-doesitexplode said: i always buy the shredded sprouts from trader joes, saute them til they are just getting brown (with butter, s&p) and add a small amount of honey at the end to counter the bitterness!
  39. wineandglitterplease said: Easiest thing to do—slice and put on a baking sheet with olive oil, garlic, sea salt and roast in oven for about 20 minutes. Crispy, tasty goodness. Add cheese for extra greatness.
  40. champagne-campaign said: the key is to roast or pan-roast and let them get brown and almost-burnt!
  41. nancysun said: Dijon braised brussel sprouts from smitten kitchen.