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Brussels Sprouts, revisited

Man, you guys are a bunch of brussels sprouts enthusiasts!
Thank you for sharing all your cooking tips with me today.

Under your guidance, I did it… I made a totally edible meal of tilapia and brussels sprouts!

I’ve got to admit - it is one of the first time I haven’t been mortified by the dish I am serving for dinner.  Simon said it was tasty and Hazel munched without much protest.  That felt good.

I seasoned, olive oiled and roasted them just like you said and will definitely work my way through other suggested recipes now that I have built up a modicum of kitchen-confidence.

(somewhat related: Did you know they are called brussels sprouts not brussel sprouts?  You probably did.  I however just learned that today.)

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  1. profashional said: go you! btw - the oil, salt, pepper and roast method works on basically any veggie to perfection.
  2. themissq said: Thyme adds great flavor to the sprouts!
  3. postgradslump said: i actually just found that out the other week - who knew!
  4. emphasisadded posted this