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I am spending my Friday night watching Les Mis flash mobs on youtube…
it is even more fun than it sounds.

I mean - check out this one…a full-on flash concert of “One Day More” in the middle of a wedding reception (watch to the end if so inclined - it’s worth it.)

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  1. acdl-hig reblogged this from emphasisadded and added:
    How have I gone the whole 30 years of my life without participating in a les miserables flash mob? I feel as if my life...
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    THIS IS AMAZING! Went to an early screening of Les Mis last night and it was INCREDIBLE! SO powerful. I can’t get the...
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    How do I become friends with a similar musically blessed group? I’ve been watching this video an embarrassingly amount...
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  5. gypsyred said: love it.
  6. thatgirlgwen said: I will now be begging my friends to coordinate a surprise (does it count as a surprise?) musical number at my wedding one day. Thanks for sharing!
  7. mar-see-ah said: I sent this to both my sisters yesterday. That Éponine is SO GOOD.
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