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To Felix. Love Hazel.

The girls and I went to Target yesterday.

I needed wrapping paper and light bulbs.

I thought it might be kind of fun to let Hazel pick out a Christmas present for Felix (who was sleeping in her carrier - meaning the surprise wouldn’t be ruined).
I told her we could wrap the gift and put it under the tree with Fee’s name.  Hazel was psyched.

I first pushed the cart down the infant toy aisle.
Hazel gave emphatic no’s to every every toy I pointed out.
No to the plastic keys.  No to the nesting blocks.  No to the light-up giraffe. 

We then went over two rows to check-out the dolls.
Hazel gave test-hugs to a couple, but quickly asked me to put them back
(Back Mom)
But then, while reading the box of a new-school cabbage patch kid, inspiration struck my girl:

BOOKS!  She exclaimed.

(of course)

We made a beeline for the children book section
(interestingly located very far from the toy department)
Hazel spent the next 20 minutes inspecting nearly every book for sale.
Page by Page.
I tried to hurry her along, but she was SO SERIOUS about finding Felix the perfect book she would have spent all day looking, if that is what it took.

Just when I started to think we were never going to find one - she literally screamed WOW! and pointed to a hardcover copy of Goodnight Moon.  I put the book in her shaking hands and she carefully folded it in her arms and gave me a nod to say: This is it.

You see, Goodnight Moon is Hazel’s very favorite books.  In fact, this book is probably her most prized possession. We have 3 copies at home (plus one at Grandmas) and read it every night before bed….

I was going to tell Hazel we absolutely did not need another copy of this book, but once I saw her face -how proud and sincerely excited she was to give Felix this gift - there was no way I was going to make her put it back.

If it is the thought that counts, Goodnight Moon might just be the best gift under our tree this year.

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