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This weekend, our baby girl was baptized.

Our hearts were still heavy from news of the Newtown tragedy - and all of us, I think, were feeling extra thankful, extra prayerful…so having the opportunity to gather with our loved ones to celebrate our daughter as she was welcomed into the catholic church, felt blessed.

Little Felix was an angel.
She looked like one too in the gorgeous velvet christening gown Mom H. made for her. (MOM H. MADE THAT DRESS!)

Hazel was proud of her little sis, you could tell.
We have been practicing the whole pour-water-on-baby’s-head thing in the bath all week… so when Father Pat held Felix over the holy water, you could almost see Hazel willing courage to the baby.  (You’ve got this Fee, I imagine her thinking).

This time of year is hectic
And this celebration gave us the chance to put all the Christmas chaos on hold and just enjoy the thing that matters most.

I am thankful for my family
and that this is how we got to spend our Sunday.


Above: Parents & God Parents with our little one.

Below: After the ceremony, Hazel recapped the holy-water excitement with Uncle Henry & Dana


Great Grandma B holding Felix.  I think my grandmother is just so beautiful.


When we moved to the city, we had to find a new church - and I like to think God lead us right to Father Pat.  Over the past 5 years he married both me and El and has baptized both of my daughters. 


The dress maker fluffling Felix’s gown before the services began (not pictured the fur muff and hat Mom H. also made!)


I love you baby girl!


Photo credit (and a huge thank you!) to my mama….the best photog I know.

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  1. chicagodoll said: She is just the prettiest baby!
  2. thekimenator said: She’s getting so big & even cuter.