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We are sitting in bed watching the Notre Dame Pep Rally on Simon’s computer.

The countdown to the big game has been a blast.
There has been so much Irish coverage…my husband is in heaven!

He is also a nervous wreck.  

The National Championship Game is tomorrow night.
ND shirts/onesies are ready to go and the Te’o Leis are hanging on the candlesticks.

Hazel clearly knows her Irish chants.  This makes me prouder than it should.
I tried, unsuccessfully, to get Felix to join in…she is ND’s lucky charm, after all.
We Cheer.  Fee Smiles.  The Irish Win.  

We are hosting our family for a pre kick-off Guinness toast (and prayer).  
The party ends before game time though because…
Game time is all business!  

Simon and his dad will stand for the second half.  Stand and sway.  Arms folded.
My husband & I will kiss after Irish touchdowns
And decorum will be abandoned as we do what is necessary to help our team win. 

I want to win tomorrow. (If not for me, then for Simon and his Dad) 

but regardless of the outcome, it has been a true pleasure being a Notre Dame Football fan this season.  A sports fan’s dream.

This sort of season is why you watch college Football.

Go Irish! 

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  1. myinnervoicespeaks said: Sounds like our house. Thou we are die heart Boise State fans.
  2. asitypethis said: I love Sports, but for some reason I can’t grab on to Football. So many rules, the flags & lines… Guess I haven’t found the right person to explain it to me!
  3. mar-see-ah said: Matt also stands at least the second half if not more. Any time he’s anxious. And not just stands, but squats. It’s ridic. I just fret and drink. ALSO SO SAD YOU ARE NOT IN SOUTH BEACH.
  4. heelsandhardhat said: Emily I love your blog - but as a boilermaker (with sara) I just cannot support your love for the fighting Irish!! :)
  5. emphasisadded posted this