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thoughts the night before my flight with two kids:

I go back and forth as to whether having twice the kids is twice the work
or if your work load increases exponentially with each nugget you add to the pile.

What I can say with absolute certainty is that traveling with two kids (under two, no less) is like a kabillion times more involved than traveling with just one.

I am flying to Miami in the morning with my mama & gp’s
(Simon will be joining us on Friday)
It will be my first time flying with both girls and to maximize our odds of success, I opted for the hyper-organized approach to parenting (just like I did over Christmas).


Hazel in the umbrella stroller
Felix strapped to my chest.
I am going to check our luggage (I need the free hands)
As well as Fee’s Car Seat (Once in Miami, I booked a car with a toddler seat for Haze)
And have a masterfully packed diaper bag fastened my back.

It is worth noting, I spent the better part of the day prepping & packing our diaper bag carry-on.  I know exactly where everything is - I will find needed things on my first try.  That was a lot of pocket-content to memorize.

I packed enough activities for a new diversion every 20 minutes of the flight.  Think: washable crayons, sticker books, a tiny thing of play-doh, some ipad action (a special treat) and of course, a stack of her favorite books.

We practiced with the noise cancelling headphone - Hazel loved them (and did that classic  “talk too loud when my headphones are on” bit.  I laughed.)

The girls will wear matching dresses.
I have those ironed and they are laid out with the corresponding bloomers, tights and bows. 
I am definitely wearing my flat ankle boots (they zip off easily)
And a pony tail.

I sat down with Haze yesterday morning and gave her a full run-down of our travel plans.
We went through everything from the security line to the sound the plane makes when the engine starts to the little round windows that will let her watch the clouds to the fact that when the doors open in Miami, we will not need a coat!
We googled pics of Midway Airport.
And the beach.
She pressed her nose to the screen.

If you can’t tell by all the rambling above, I am really excited for this whole thing.
What a great adventure for my two little explorers.
And me, I suppose.
(motherhood is the ultimate adventure, no?)

This is sort of our last wahoo! before I return to work in a few weeks.
I am going to make it count.

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  1. population-e said: have fun in Miami! safe travels and good luck with the kiddos :)
  2. colormenaive said: you are a super mom. don’t let anybody tell you differently. i returned to work 2.5 weeks ago and am really struggling with being apart from my baby girl. I’d love to talk to you about what made it easier/bearable for you!
  3. meltingplatinum said: Good luck! Your prep is bulletproof!
  4. archiving-it-all said: Your organization is SUPER impressive. Gold stars for you Mama.
  5. rockabyebucktown said: The iPad and lots of snacks are key! Good luck!
  6. georgiegirlnyc said: Good luck! I’m flying alone with my two next month. I already started planning!