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a birthday party on lincoln road

Lincoln Road is one of my very favorite stretches in South Beach

It’s like a promenade of color.

And on Monday night we threw my Grandma B a birthday party, dining al fresco at Tiramisu.                    

My Mimi & Papa came to join us!

It was a really great family dinner….
another favorite, as Hazel would say.

Grandma got balloons (which our cab driver was committed to helping us find)
and a necklace with a little bird on it.

Hazel got a treat too.  A light-up tambourine.  The best $5 spent in a very long time.

Happy Birthday Grandma B.
I love you so much.




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  1. sarahinthe617 said: Hazel looks just like your Grandma B! Both so beautiful!
  2. asitypethis said: Hope M had a wonderful birthday!!!!!!
  3. emphasisadded posted this