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Miami Beach: Kids Welcome

A surprising (to me, at least) little something about SoBe:

It is a great place for the little ones! 

Parks (great parks) all along the coastline
and one conveniently located in our front yard
There is a canopy over the playground.  oh Florida, you so sunny.

Al fresco dining.
BEST THING EVER when eating with kids.
There is something magical about outdoor tables that makes ANY restaurant kid friendly!

Bring a bucket.  $4 well-spent.

Another worth-it investment: renting those bedlike beach chairs (and an umbrella) for your family. 
I am convinced it extended the duration of our beach day by hours.
It’s nice to have comfortable place for the little ones to snack and rest and find reprieve from the sand.

Prenap. Postnap. Before Dinner.  After dark.
I took Hazel on a nighttime swim.  She thought it was very cool.  You could tell.

Bring that umbrella stroller.
Walk the city!
(here is the part where you can squeeze in a bit of shopping).

And don’t forget to treat yo’self too.
It’s easy to get overly focused on keeping the nuggets engaged…
but you have earned that pina colada.  Enjoy it!

There you have it -
how we did a beach vacation with the kiddos.

Yup, I really just suggested playing, swimming, eating and walking while on holiday with your children.  Groundbreaking stuff, I know.  :)

I share this post because from time to time I get emails from readers asking for tips on traveling with toddlers and decided to share more broadly in case anyone was interested.

My daughters’ world got a little bigger last week

While swinging, Hazel kept reaching her little hand up to touch the top of the palm trees.
That’s just not something she gets to do in Chicago.




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  1. tallgirltales said: they are too adorable!
  2. fatgirlinohio said: Love the swing photos!!! I’m so cold; looking at Miami for President’s Day weekend now.
  3. pizzatoporkpie said: Can’t wait till I’ve got a little one in 4.5 months and can take her on adventures like this!
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