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Broken Blog

Hi All,

Is anyone else having trouble viewing my blog (if so, what browser are you using).  Also, does anyone know how I might go about fixing it?

A thousand thanks!


***Update:  Issue has been identified, but it might take a day or two to resolve.  Thanks for your help, everyone! xo ***

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  1. texturism said: still broken. viewing on pc/chrome.
  2. agroenda said: Yes :( I’m in safari on a mac. Sorry, no earthly idea on how you can fix it.
  3. bumblemm said: yes, it looks broken =( i’m in safari on a mac, but it was also broken in google chrome the other day (yes, i’m kind of a creep haha) good luck!
  4. sloppyfirsts said: i do - i’m using safari!
  5. justmerambling said: It doesn’t work for me either, on safari
  6. myinnervoicespeaks said: broken on my end i use google chrome
  7. heelsandhardhat said: yes, it is showing up as black and white plaintext. i’m on chrome.
  8. tracimtaylor said: Hi Em- it’s true. broken is what i’ve been seeing via safari for the past couple of days. hope the all is well! traci
  9. connieanony said: I can’t see it in Chrome or IE.
  10. antistatic said: yes. google chrome.
  11. katiebellbananas said: With Google Chrome, I can’t see your blog.
  12. lushush said: safari and it doesn’t work. :( i know you have a specialized theme, but if not, I’d just reset it. Or if you have the original code, try that.
  13. krankmills said: I am in Firefox on a Mac :(
  14. balletsandbags said: Yes, it looks all out of sorts on Firefox !
  15. boredblogging said: just plain text on my firefox…
  16. mamamcg said: It looks fine in Firefox but just plain text and images in Chrome. Strange.
  17. curious-earth said: It does look very basic on Safari, I don’t know about anyone else, but it just looks like black and blue text/links to me. Try changing your layout would be the only thing I could think of?
  18. eurotour said: Yes, it looks broken to me in Chrome. No real formatting (just plain text then pictures). I bet it is a theme thing too!
  19. capricious said: yes, google chrome.
  20. hnycr said: It wasn’t working on Chrome all week either…
  21. miaelizab said: Yes! I’m using mozilla. Only the text appears to be loading.
  22. monita said: I’m on Safari and it doesn’t look right.
  23. iamtallandawesome said: in my Firefox browser everything looks fine!
  24. asitypethis said: I was gonna let you know last night, but got busy… sorry! And I use chrome. Maybe put your blog in another theme, keep the html of what you use now. And re-enter it after. Might work?…
  25. middlenameconfused said: Opened using Firefox, and it’s all messed up.
  26. dembangs said: Just looked in Safari and yep, it’s all messed up. Maybe they’re switching you over to “New Tumblr” now. I still don’t have it though.
  27. stickyhide said: I’m using Chrome and it doesn’t look right/normal.
  28. zessika said: All content is there but there is no background and everything is distorted. I’m using Chrome. I’m not techie enough to give you any help, sorry!
  29. beneathyourskin said: Just opened you up in Safari and it’s all out of whack (I follow you on tumblr so I wouldn’t have known anything was up otherwise)
  30. emphasisadded posted this