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Spread the Love [with lululemon]

Yesterday I had a wonderful morning. 

I was invited by lululemon for “yoga. brunch .community. love.”
Talk about 4 wonderful things!

I adore lululemon (obviously).
As a brand, it is one of my top 5 favorites,
So I was excited to spend some time getting to know folks from the lulu community.

We started with an hour long yoga class on the top floor of the W Lake Shore Drive.  The windows looked out on a very foggy Lake Michigan.  The view was ethereal - it was if I was high-planking in the clouds

At the end of our practice, we did some meditation and sent energy of happiness and love to our dearests, then to our acquaintances, then to the others in the room and then out into the universe for anyone who might need it. 

Spreading Love with each breath?  What a happy thing to envision!

After the class, we enjoyed champagne cocktails, fruit parfaits and a whole lot of talking.  We were ostensibly a room full of strangers, but I don’t think you would have guessed it. Conversations flowed easily.  We had a lot in common.

A sampling of topics discussed: Preschool Admissions, college football, great half marathons (this one, specifically), Life as a working mama, vinyasa scarves, and “Corporate Culture”

And speaking of which:
Every person I met from lululemon seemed to the embody the manifesto printed on their shopping bags.  They were a radiant group of ladies with what seemed like a genuine passion for/belief in their company….a feeling that was contagious…

I have long loved lululemon because their pants make my butt look fantastic, but after this event, I can say my feelings for the company run even deeper.  I think they are a pretty inspiring bunch!

Now, bring on the warrior pose.

Thank you Nina for the invite.  It was a really great morning!



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  1. itsfaboosh said: you do the coolest things ever! thanks for sharing!
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