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On Self-Defense

Yesterday afternoon a neighborhood boy jacked Hazel in the face.  She wasn’t hurt, so I didn’t get worked up….rough-housing sort of comes with the territory of playing with 2 year old boys. Brush it Off, I yelled oh so helpfully.

(Simon, on the other hand, was not amused at all. His response was a stern HEY! followed up by a mad-dad look.)

After going back inside, we took the opportunity to talk to Hazel about hitting and equipped her with some tools….talking points, if you will….for handling such situations.  She spent much of dinnertime practicing the responses and it might well have been the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life (which I realize is not the target adjective for self-defense efforts, but so it goes…)

The next time a kids hits her, she is to look him sternly in the eye - hold up her little pointer finger and say: STOP IT.  

And if someone messes with Felix, Hazel’s line: STOP IT.  THAT’S MY SISTER.


Small but mighty!

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