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4 things. 4 days.

Lookingglass Junior Board Meeting! 
A couple of months ago I said I wanted to join a board, this board specifically….and so I did!  I was a little nervous sitting around the extra long table in the  extra fancy conference room for my very first meeting.  But not really.  I was mostly just excited.  And by the end of the meeting I had volunteered to spearhead blog outreach efforts for the upcoming Madhatters Ball.  (Turns out, simply having a blog was qualification enough to land the gig.  How about that!)

Take Your Kid to Work Day!
A big deal at my office, as you might imagine.  And an even bigger deal in my home.  While the girls may be a little too young for the “Computer Science for Kids” course my company is offering - I know they will love playing with the Kohl’s Childrens Museum and slew of other activities we have lined up for them.

Going Away Dinner with my Team!
Come next week, we are headed in many different directions and so tomorrow, we celebrate.  We will no doubt raise a margarita glass or two to the clients we served and deals we closed…and maybe one last round of “happy/crappy” for old times sake. 

Revisting The Hunt @ NEXT!
A 10:15 reservation (with this lovely lady, among others).  Dresses will be worn. Wine will be drunk.  And maybe, just maybe, Chef Dave will give us a peek at a bite or two from the upcoming Vegan Menu! 

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  1. hitchcockismyhomeboy said: What’s happy/crappy? Elaborate, please… Vegan menu sounds fab!
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